Once you reach the age of 16, you may decide that full time education isn't for you.  An apprenticeship is a good option, as you work for an employer getting on-the-job training, earning a wage whilst learning valuable skills.


Often you will spend some time at college or with a training provider, either a day a week or in weekly blocks.  There you will learn the academic knowledge to help with your practical training on the job.  At the end of the apprenticeship, you will have gained skills, knowledge and a formal qualification to help you go on to work in your chosen career, or continue on to a higher apprenticeship for more training and qualifications.

Alternatively, i
f you have gained good GCSEs or A levels, you may want to consider a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship.  Have a look here for information and a list of jobs you could do.

Visit the website below for more information, and to search for available apprenticeships. We also have local apprenticeships on our Vacancies page HERE

Get In Go Far – information on apprenticeships and a link
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